Floralipids® Moringa Butter

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Chemical Name: Moringa Oil / Hydrogenated Moringa Oil Esters (and) Tocopherol
Product Category(s):
Skin Care
Sun Care
Floralipids® Moringa Butter is the interesterified product of moringa oil and fully-hydrogenated moringa oil. In controlled studies, consumers preferred a moringa butter moisturizing body stick over the same system with shea butter. Clinical studies show Floralipids® Moringa Butter to be less greasy, more hydrating, and more matte in appearance when applied to the skin than shea butter. Moringa butter is created from moringa oil, the most oxidatively stable botanical oil available, and is a product of interesterification which avoids trans-fat production.

Key Functions:
  • Emolliency
  • Occlusivity, with a matte finish
  • Increased stick strength
Key Benefits:
  • Superior consumer preference
  • Less greasy skin feel than shea butter
  • Slightly increased stick melting point
  • More matte, less gloss