Floramac® 10

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Chemical Name: Ethyl Macadamiate
Product Category(s):
Acne Treatment
Color Cosmetics
Ethnic Hair Care
Hair Care
Pet Care
Shave Preparation
Skin Care
Sun Care
Floramac® 10, a dry emollient derived from Macadamia, provides skin feel similar to many silicones and silicone derivatives. Floramac® 10 is plant-derived, non-volatile, and has broad coupling and solubility characteristics, unlike many synthetics. It has slip and spreadability similar to IPM and IPP, but is non-comedogenic and non-irritating.

Floramac® 10 solubilizes sunscreen actives such as Parsol 1789, OMC, and Benzophenone-3 easily. Floramac® 10 is ideally suited for any application where a clear, natural, dry emollient is desired.

Floramac® 10 has an HLB requirement of 7.5, oxidative stability of 65 and a refractive index of 1.44.