STRUCTURE® 3001 polymer

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Chemical Name: Acrylates / Ceteth-20 Itaconate Copolymer
Product Category(s):
Viscosity Control
Ethnic Hair Care
Hair Care
Hair Fixatives
STRUCTURE® 3001 polymer is an aqueous based associative thickener which is extremely efficient in the presence of salts, surfactants and fatty alcohols. It is particularly well suited for building viscosity in products like hydrophobic hair color and permanent waving lotions. Like STRUCTURE® 2001 polymer, STRUCTURE® 3001 polymer will generate clear, shear-thinning gels and offer outstanding long term stability even in a highly alkaline pH range. It is stable to hydrogen peroxide and solvents, and is synergistic with many common surfactants. Blends of STRUCTURE® 3001 polymer and STRUCTURE® 2001 polymer can optimize the benefits of each.

Ethnic Hair; Hair Color/Dye; Hair Gel; Hair Relaxer; Permanent Waving Lotion; Styling Product

Rheology Modifier

    Low viscosity (as supplied)
    Easy-to-use aqueous–based emulsion polymers can be readily poured and mixed.
    Formulation can be easily squeezed from an applicator, or mixed in a bowl, but will set up readily on the hair.
    Water soluble when neutralized
    With just water, product will easily rinse from the hair.
    Stable to hydrogen peroxide
    STRUCTURE® polymers are excellent choices for inclusion into the hydrogen peroxide containing developer of oxidative hair dyes.
    Stable viscosity of neutralized systems
    STRUCTURE® polymers can also be used in one-component, pre-neutralized formulations such as hair dyes, gels and relaxers.
    Synergistic with many common surfactants
    Viscosity boosts can be achieved through appropriate polymer/surfactant blends.
    Solvent tolerant
    At concentrations up to 20%, common solvents will not affect STRUCTURE® polymer thickening efficiency.