CELQUAT® SC-230M Polymer

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Chemical Name: Polyquaternium-10
Product Category(s):
Body Wash
Hair Care
Hair Fixatives
Skin Care
The CELQUAT® SC-230M polymer is a high viscosity building, surfactant compatible cationic conditioner useful in a broad range of personal care products. This water soluble modified cellulosic is highly cationic over the entire useful pH range, is substantive to hair and skin, and provides such aesthetic benefits as improved wet comb, detangling, body, lubricity, and rich feel. It can also contribute significant thickening effects.

The CELQUAT® SC-230M polymer is one member of the CELQUAT® family of polymers that are water soluble quaternary cellulose derivatives.

Features & Benefits:
  • Substantivity to hair and skin
  • Surfactant compatibility
  • Clarity
  • Rheology modification
  • Lubricity
  • Imparts smooth, rich feel to hair and skin
  • Forms clear aqueous solutions and non-tacky continuous films
  • Improves wet combability
  • Improves gloss and anti-static properties on hair