SilForm* HyFlex Emulsion

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Chemical Name: Bis-Ethylhydroxycyclohexyl Methacrylate Dimethicone/Butyl Acrylate Crosspolymer
Product Category(s):
Film Formers
Color Cosmetics
Hair Care
Hair Fixatives
Skin Care
Sun Care
SilForm* HyFlex emulsion creates a flexible film with excellent mechanical strength and elasticity. It provides formulators the ability to not only improve the transfer and water resistance of a formulation, but to also dial in to the desired flexibility needed, enabling long wear color cosmetics that do not crack or flake off. SilForm* HyFlex emulsion allows for enhanced comfort and wear ability of personal care formulations, helps provide smoother skin, and helps prevent moisture loss in skin care products.

Upon drying, Silform* HyFlex emulsion elastic film with enhanced mechanical properties to provide flexible, natural and soft hold to the hair. Its film properties make it possible to formulate hair styling products that deliver a natural hold and curl definition with a unique, soft feel.

This film former can be incorporated into color cosmetics, skin care and hair care formulations including foundations, mascaras, and hair styling products etc.

Features & Benefits:
  • Enhanced comfort and wear ability of personal care formulations
  • Extended durability for long wear cosmetics
  • Water and oil resistance in color cosmetics
  • Transfer resistance in color cosmetics
  • Helps provide smoother feel to skin
  • Helps prevent moisture loss in skin care products
  • Aids in curl memory and curl definition in hair
  • Provides a flexible and natural hold