• Curcylic® 40
    40% Salicylic Acid Gel, USP

    Curcylic® 40 is a new, patent pending, form of Salicylic Acid that is safe, stable, effective and meets the USP Salicylic Acid Gel Monograph. It is 40% complexed Salicylic acid, in it’s pure form.
  • Curoxyl® 42
    Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, USP

    Curoxyl® BP 42 USP Gel is a revolutionary, patent pending, Benzoyl Peroxide raw ingredient that allows personal care manufacturers to create safe and effective anti-acne products.
  • Vitacon® Custom Vitamin Blends

    Our Vitacon® line consists of a variety of vitamins in a liquid, water soluble base. Vitacon® blends offer efficacy, label claim and ease of use in production.
  • Curserein®

    Curserein® is a new naturally derived, moisturizing raw material that combines the strengths of vegetable based glycerin with hydrolyzed jojoba esters.
  • Meristant® for Sunscreens

    Naturally Derived, Sunscreen Solubilizer and Water Resistant Agent